Letter From Chief Ronnie Wheeler

First, I would like to thank all our patrons for their support of our volunteer fire department. Next, all of our volunteers deserve a big thank you for their dedication to continually train, maintain our equipment and respond to calls for help we receive to assist our neighbors and community whenever the need arises. I am pleased to announce that your fire department has improved its’ Insurance Services Office (ISO) fire protection classification from a 6/9 rating to a 5/6 rating. Many insurance companies use this classification system to determine rates for homeowners insurance premiums. Those whose insurance company uses the ISO rating system will have the new rate that takes effect on October 1st of this year. There is a related article included in this newsletter on page 14 that has more information about this change.

Your volunteer firefighters, EMTs and medical first responders have worked long and hard this summer in very hot conditions putting out fires, attending to those hurt in accidents and taking care of those with emergency medical ailments. All four of our fire stations continue to need donations of bottled water to keep our crews hydrated. We use bottled water all year long, but in the summer months we use bottled water faster than we can purchase it. Central Arkansas Water (CAW) used to donate toward our supply, but has now discontinued this service. A donation of a case here and a case there would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you can help or feel free to drop off a case or two of bottled water at any of our WPFD stations.

Finally, our department normally gathers as a group once a year for a holiday event that doesn’t involve training or work. This is rare for us. We have a department Christmas party to eat , socialize and relax. We try to provide small door prizes for our volunteers as a thank you for their service. These men and women volunteers receive no pay for the services they provide, so I want to show them how much they are appreciated whenever and however possible. If you have a business or a business contact that would like to contribute toward our door prize gifts for our volunteers at our annual Christmas party please contact me at (501) 821-9320 or email at wpfd@sbcglobal.net. Without our volunteers we would not have one of the best volunteer fire departments in Arkansas. Again, thank you for your support. It is an honor to serve as your Fire Chief.

Ronnie Wheeler, Fire Chief