Burn Bans for our Fire District have been removed.

Burn Bans for our fire district have been removed. Outdoor burning is permitted in Pulaski, Saline, and Perry counties.

If you do burn, please do so safely. Please remember that only natural vegetation is allowed. No plastic, rubber, vinyl, tires, metals (wire and such) can be burned legally, ever..ever. The $10,000 fine for burning illegal stuff is always in effect.

Stay safe, y’all.

Great Christmas Gift For Friends and Neighbors

The RED 911 address signs offered by the Ferndale Crimewatch are a great Christmas gift for your friends, family, and neighbors.  They look great and can be an inexpensive stocking stuffer.  Be sure to call 501-912-4211 to get your sign ordered soon to be ready for Christmas.


Help your emergency services find your home quickly in an emergency or at least us get down the road more quickly with great markings that help lead us to our next urgent call for help.



Original Post March 30, patient 2015

Can Emergency Services find you in a hurry? If your mailbox needs a little help getting “noticed” then the Ferndale Crimewatch has a project to help emergency responders find you quick.
If you live in the WPFD Fire District area contact the Ferndale Crimewatch at 501-912-6978 to get your sign ordered.

-Only $13.00
-HIGHLY VISIBLE from 100+ feet at night
-Double sided  numbering for each direction of approach
-Durable Aluminum
-Red reflective base color
-High contrast white reflective numbers on both sides.
-Pre-drilled holes to make it easy to mount
-Great for mailbox, hospital gate, or driveway post
-Mounts horizontal or vertical direction
-Long lasting
-Easy for you to install.

Call the Ferndale Crimewatch  at 501-912-6978 while supplies last.