Annual Fire Protection Dues

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People that reside and operate businesses in the fire district area pay for fire protection through dues that are assessed on an annual basis. These dues, along with public and private donations/grants fund the operation and capital needs of the fire department. West Pulaski Fire Department is a non-profit organization (501(c)3) with good fiscal management that works to continually improve services and capabilities within our budgeted revenue.


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Residential property owners are charged $50.00 annually.

Commercial property owners are charged $100.00 annually.

———————————————————————————————— I thought my dues were paid with sales taxes?

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WPFD provides services in a district located in non-incorporated areas in Pulaski, Saline, and Perry Counties. There are no ‘City or County sales tax’ payments made to fund the West Pulaski Fire Department like a municipal ‘city’ can do.  Since there is no incorporated municipality (city) within our district, a ‘Volunteer’ organization was created to provide fire protection to residents and business owners in our area. WPFD serves an area known as Pulaski County Fire District #23.


Order Penisole Medication Are my dues to WPFD paid with my annual real estate property tax payment? Answer:

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NO-If you live in Saline or Perry counties OR are greater than 5 miles of WPFD Station #1, 2, or 3 in Pulaski County; you should receive an annual notice/statement. You can always contact our business office at 501-821-9320  or email for more information about dues.


I just moved into the district and need to make sure my dues are paid for my insurance company.


If you just built a home or moved to our district, don’t wait for us to notify you that your dues have not been received.

Register today with WPFD immediately by sending calling us at 501-821-9320 (leave a message) or emailing your name address and contact information to


I am not yet registered with WPFD and am beginning to build on my property, when do I pay my dues?


The owner of the property must register with WPFD at anytime vacant land has  a structure placed (mobile property) or when building construction begins. Even if you are home builder that plans to sell the property upon construction completion, registration for fire protection is needed when construction begins and proof of paid fire dues are usually required by your insurance carrier.


Where do I send my annual dues payment ?


Send a check  with your name, phone number, your billing address and the address of the property to be registered (if different) to:

West Pulaski Fire Department

Attn: Fire District Assessor-Fire Dues

2810 Whispering Pines Road

Little Rock, Arkansas  72210


I paid my dues to WPFD, does the fire department charge an additional fee to respond to an emergency at my address?


No, West Pulaski Fire Department will not charge a fee to respond to your incident IF you are a paid dues member.


What if I have not paid my fire dues for the current year and I have to call 911?


If your membership is NOT current, WPFD will still to respond to your emergency, however, you could be liable for reimbursement of costs incurred by the fire department for responding to your emergency (including manpower, apparatus (trucks), equipment, and fuel). This can add up to a sizeable amount very quickly. Please don’t let your membership lapse.