Tanker 4 – Retrofit 2013

New Tanker 4

WPFD is working to retrofit our next vehicle for use at Station #4.  Every once in a while we are able to make strategic upgrades and find a great vehicle that can be re-purposed and re-born as a fire truck. This vehicle was acquired several months ago from the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s Rural Firefighting Program.  This former military semi-tractor has been refurbished mechanically, where needed, and upgraded to serve as a water tanker to bring water to rural areas without water hydrants.

Here are a few photos of the truck that is being modified before being sent to the fabrication shop in Tucker, Arkansas for sandblasting, repairs, paint, and installation of equipment boxes. This newer chassis will make a great refurbished fire truck to get water delivery to fire scenes.

photo_1 (4) photo_2 (5)






After receiving the truck back from paint, repair AND with a new 2,500 gallon water tank, we add emergency lighting, work lighting, fire equipment, communications gear, logos and graphics to finish the look and functionality. It took a little while to bring this truck back to life as a “new” fire vehicle but it was worth it. We expect this truck will serve our department well into the future for hauling water to fire locations that don’t have water hydrants.

photo_3 (4)photo_4 (5)