Brush Trucks Retrofit Project (4 Trucks Simultaneously)

WPFD has a lot of talented folks. When we aren’t fighting fires or responding to other emergency calls, we are very hands on with mechanical maintenance, electrical retrofits, communications improvements and more. When we are able to get a newer or more modern truck chassis, every once in a while, we get to apply all of those skills at one time to build a fire vehicle (we call them an apparatus) from scratch.

Recently we acquired 4 newer heavy duty pickup trucks to build Brush Trucks for fighting woods, grass, and field types of fires.  All of these are 2008 Ford Super-Duty trucks with crew cabs to carry as many people as possible into the fire zone. Honestly, we are just thrilled to have trucks that are from this just a few years old. Our current trucks, that are being replace, are 25-34 years old.

Checkout photos of our trucks that already beginning the transformation to become outstanding Brush Trucks!