Hurricane Laura Response – Active 8/27/2020

WPFD has crews responding to down trees in various areas on Ferncliff Rd, Congo-Ferndale Rd, and Kanis Rd near Walnut Grove. We are responding quickly right now but as the storm gets stronger in our area we may get busy running between several areas. We will work to clear the roads as soon as we can but please expect that some delays may occur. We ask you to drive slow, look carefully for trees or water in the roadway that could impact your safe travel. We will provide some updates as available from this page when possible.Stay Safe!

Prepare for Hurricane Laura

Significant rain is predicted for our area in the coming days due to Hurricane Laura that is about to make landfall in Louisiana. This means storms with high winds and tornados could be possible starting Thursday. Flooding could be an issue too. Please take the time now to be weather-ready as Hurricane Laura makes its way up to Arkansas. Test your storm radio. Test your generator if you have one. Have enough food and fuel to manage a power outage for a day or more. Flashlights with fresh batteries help and fully charged devices like phones and other wireless internet connections help keep you connected and pass time during power outages and wired phones lost to aerial connections taken by trees and limbs fallen. A ready chainsaw could help clear your access to main roads if they fall on your driveway or near the house or on your home. We have been through this before with a similar path from Hurricane Ike in 2008. Be prepared, stay safe.

Thank you for your support!

A BIG THANK YOU to Barbara Howell, our Saline County Justice of the Peace and Quorum Court member for a donation of water and sports drinks. This donation is greatly appreciated to help keep our firefighters hydrated and functional in any fire scene. It helps us year-round but especially helps most when we have extreme temps like we do this summer.

Live Saving Award for Capt. Gilmore

Recognition is a nice thing for a job well done. Recognition for saving a human life is just plain AWESOME! Captain Dustin Gilmore from our Station #3 (Hwy 10 area) has been awarded a Naloxone Life Saving Award from the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute. Dustin is credited with providing a timely Naloxone (also known as Narcan) overdose treatment earlier this year on a dispatched medical call. His quick action reversed the detrimental effects of an opioid overdose and was able to restore normal breathing to a patient. Congrats to Captain Gilmore on this much-deserved award!

Heat AdvisorY

Boys and girls, today’s word is “HOT”. This word is used generally and quite liberally this time of year when that bright sun is shining and combines with Arkansas’ tough southern humidity. That is where that big Heat Index tends to climb so high like today where 106 degrees is projected. Please drink plenty of fluids and find some shade or “conditioned air” to stay cool. Stay safe, y’all!