WPFD responds to Tornado in Ferndale and Hwy 10 areas

Update 05/02/2014
Expecting Saturday 5/3/2014 to be a large cleanup day in our fire district. We are getting a lot of outside support from companies, groups, and individuals donating time, equipment, water, food, and clothing to help restore our affected communities in their time of need. Anyone planning to help in restoration efforts should still try to coordinate their efforts through the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church so we can direct people and equipment to the areas where they are needed. Thanks to all that have donated and continue to contribute to this cause that helps our friends and neighbors impacted by the storm! THANK YOU!

Original post:
It has been an incredibly busy week with response to multiple impact areas in our fire district that resulted in massive destruction and loss of life. We will add some more information at a later date but can share some images of the impact zones and our crews at work. If you are interested in volunteering to help in the recovery in the Ferndale area, please contact Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Little Rock to contribute your time and labor to help affected families recover from storm damage. Bring your tools, tractors and time to help a neighbor in a time of need.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is helping to coordinate community volunteer efforts to Kanis Road, Deer Drive, Carnation Lane and the surrounding areas and homes.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Little Rock
Address: 27025 Kanis Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone:(501) 821-4309

Update: Big thanks to Entergy, West Tree Service and the many electrical and other contractors working hard to clear damaged power lines and quickly restore power to storm damaged areas in our fire district of western Pulaski County.

Reminder that many families are in need and have exposed homes and belongings scattered by the storm. I don’t think we have seen any federal aid yet so those there haven’t been a lot of blue tarps delivered but families with roof damage may have needs to protect their homes and personal belongings. If you are working with your volunteer group to supply goods to damage areas, more tarps may be needed.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is helping to coordinate community volunteer efforts to Kanis Road, Deer Drive, Carnation Lane and the surrounding areas and homes. Please contact them if you would like to discuss donations of goods, services, labor, or equipment to help our restoration efforts.

Some of the residents of Somersett Estates off Goodson Rd. have set up a donation center at a residence for food and water to any volunteers that can help clear trees and debris from Somersett and Goodson Rd.area. So, if you have a chainsaw or any other useful equipment and can spare a day or any time to help, the would certainly appreciate it. They may also need food and water donations replenished.

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Can We Find You When Seconds Count?


If someone in your home calls 911 for HELP your Fire Department, Police and an Ambulance will respond, but we need your assistance to find you faster!

What if:

  • Weather conditions are bad and visibility is poor?
  • Bushes, vines or weeds grow to hide address numbers?
  • Address numbers are low on the post and covered by weeds?
  • Brass address numbers on your post do not contrast with the background color and can’t be easily seen?
  • Address numbers are on the mailbox, but numbers are covered when flag is pulled down?
  • No address numbers near your driveway?
  • Address numbers on mailbox are small, obstructed and/or non-reflective?


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Notice: Winter Storm 03/2/2014

Notice: Winter Storm 03/2/2014

A winter storm is impacting central Arkansas and our fire district area at this time. Please make precautions to stay warm and fed should you loose power to your home. Our crews are responding, as normal, to emergency calls during this period. Due to winter conditions we expect it may take extra time to reach you in an emergency situation should we find difficult or impassable roads.

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