Outdoor Burning Not Recommended

For now and this weekend, outdoor burning is not recommended. Cover your burn pile with a tarp and save it for our next rainy day if you can. Small fires turn to big ones quickly when the temps are high and the wind is unpredictable.

Before you burn anything, make sure it is the right time and conditions permit proper control. It also helps to know the law and your responsibilities to maintain control of your fire. Here is some info from Arkansas Forestry Division.

Groundbreaking for our New Fire Station

We had a great day with the groundbreaking of our new fire station planned at 3006 Brush Mountain Trail. Thank you to all our friends, neighbors, and honored guests for joining us.

This new station location will be located west of Ferndale in an area near Brush Mountain Trail that is south of Kanis Road/12th Street at the Pulaski County/Saline County line. Placing equipment closer to this western area of our fire district will improve our capabilities with nearby apparatus (fire trucks and equipment) to better serve the 240+ homes and an estimated 750+ residents in the area. Also, this will enable Insurance Services Office recognition of our Class 4 Public Protection Class for improved rates for insurance premiums once we open this facility and place trucks for use.

The soil is now considered turned but we have still much work to do. Contact us if you want to help us complete our project sooner and to get this new station in service as quickly as possible. To support WPFD and the faster completion of this project with your tax-deductible contribution to your volunteer fire department. Contact us at 501-821-9320 or email us at wpfd@sbcglobal to find out how you can donate to WPFD to help us complete this project!

Fire Chief Scott Joblin’s address at our groundbreaking today for our new fire station! Contact us today if you like to help us complete this new fire station sooner! Thank you for helping us help others.

Groundbreaking Planned for our next fire station on 8/28/2021

The West Pulaski Fire Department is excited to announce the groundbreaking for our sixth fire station. Located at 3006 Brush Mountain Trail, Paron, AR, this future station near Kanis Road/12th Street at the Pulaski/Saline County lines will give the residents in the westernmost section of the district an increased level of fire protection and emergency medical service. They will also be able to enjoy the benefit of our ISO Class 4 rating. We will gather at the site on Saturday, August 28, 2021, starting at 10:00 AM.


Scott Joblin,


West Pulaski Fire Department

Back to School splash Aug 7th!

We are happy to announce that we will be having another event with The Bramble Market Saturday, August 7th! With school starting soon we would like to be able to help out the schools in our district. We will be accepting donations of NEW school supplies!! If you would like to donate, please make sure these are new supplies only: notebooks, paper, crayons, pencils, etc. Bring your donation to the event and don’t forget to wear your swimsuit! For more info about donating supplies feel free to contact Amber Chrissonberry by phone or email, ac.wpfd479@gmail.com 501-492-9895
We greatly appreciate any and all donations