Tanker 3 – Retrofit 2011

Update 06/25/2011:

Tanker #3 is now in service at our Hwy 10 station (Station #3 ).  Emergency lighting and communications equipment has been installed. This truck is operational and only requires a few finishing touches that will add department graphics and striping. All the tools and equipment is on-board at this time so it is ready to roll should we need it. Once our graphics are applied we will get updated photos uploaded to the site.

Big THANKS go out to Kirk Holt and Rene Freret for leading the task to wire, light and radio this truck. It took a little while to bring this truck back to life as a fire vehicle but it was worth it. We expect this truck will serve our department well into the future for hauling water to fire locations that don’t have water hydrants.

Update 6/1/2011:

Tanker #3 has been on a little vacation. Think of it as a trip to a ‘spa’ for some body work.  It has gotten a face lift, a chassis lift, some nips, some tucks, and a fresh coat of paint to make it feel new again.  It had lots of work done and is looking good and driving well. This water hauler is not yet ready for a fire call since its newer mechanical and fresh paint work do not a fire truck make.  Our folks are already beginning work to install bright emergency lighting, VHF and 800 mhz fire radios, a screaming siren, some noisy air horns, and re-installation of fire fighting/water-hauling equipment and other tools needed to make this truck fire ready.  Here are some updated pictures and we will update you soon when it is time to unveil the finished vehicle.

Original Post:

WPFD is working to retrofit our next vehicle for use at Station #3.   This vehicle may not be brand new, but  work is underway to replace the commercial chassis of our current Tanker #3 with a newer and more powerful Ford chassis. Every once in a while we are able to make strategic upgrades and find a great vehicle that can be re-purposed and re-born as a fire truck. This one should be ready for use in early summer.

Here are a few photos of the truck that is being modified. The ‘Water Tank’ has been moved to the newer chassis. It has been sent to the fabrication shop for sandblasting, repairs, paint, and installation of equipment boxes. We will try to provide updates when we are able to show our progress. This newer chassis will make a great refurbished fire truck to get water delivery to fire scenes.