Volunteer with WPFD – Firefighters Needed

The West Pulaski Fire Department is a great organization made entirely of volunteers. Your home and family are protected from fire and medical emergencies by a department made up of trained and dedicated people who live and work in your community.

We always need help from our neighbors to have adequate manpower that supports our emergency response teams. We are ALWAYS looking for quality folks who want to join our team. At this time, we are asking for your help to ensure we have enough trained personnel at your local station.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Be 18 Years or older
  2. Be a US Resident or legally authorized to work in the US
  3. Live within our fire district area or very near our district boundaries
  4. Apply and submit to an Arkansas State Police background check
  5. Have no felony convictions, per Arkansas Law
  6. Be able to complete all minimum training within 12 months and generally available to participate, train, and respond to calls within your community.

What you get as a volunteer firefighter–

  • Volunteer’s Firefighters receive all necessary training to become a Certified Fire Fighter at NO COST.
    • Certified Training Includes:
      • Introduction to Firefighting Course (16-hour course over 2 days)
      • Protective Personal Equipment Course (24-hour course over 3 days)
      • Wildland Firefighting Course (16-hour course over 2 days)
      • Online FEMA Incident Management Courses ( Four 3-hour courses you can take any time)
      • Hazardous Materials Awareness Training (ADEM)
  • During Training -Personal Protective Equipment (Protective Fire Clothing/Equipment) is provided to you at NO COST.
  • Dispatch Pager – A voice pager is provided for the dispatch of fire/rescue calls at NO COST.
  • Once Certified as an Arkansas Certified Firefighter- Continued training is provided maintaining certifications and advanced skills related to most aspects of Firefighting, Vehicle Rescue, Medical/Trauma Rescue, Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) , Firefighter First Aid (First Responder), and more.
  • Build a retirement account with Arkansas’ LOPFI program that credits years of service toward retirement for volunteer service. See LOPFI for more info at https://lopfi-prb.com/
  • We provide Workers’ Compensation protection for our members to cover the cost/expenses for job-related injuries (if they occur).
  • Access to classes and programs at the Arkansas Fire Training Academy in Camden, Arkansas to reach more certified training and certifications at little or no cost for most classes. Learn more at https://www.sautech.edu/arkansas-fire-training-academy/

What we need from you as a volunteer firefighter–

  • Participate in Station Maintenance and Company Training one evening per week. (2-hours)
  • Participate in special training when available (we have these occasionally)
  • Participate in Department (multi-company) training one evening per month. (2-3 hours). Usually held in place of a regular maintenance night. On the second Tuesday of the month.
  • Being a volunteer firefighter only requires that you respond to emergency calls when you are in your home area and available.
  • We don’t ‘man’ (live or staff) our fire stations. There are no shifts or staffing requirements. Your voice pager will dispatch you from wherever you are and you can respond to your home station to pick up equipment and travel to the dispatched location.
  • Let us know what time you are generally available to respond/participate.(For example = most people are generally available evenings after work and most weekends)
  • You do not have to leave work, church, or family activities to be a volunteer firefighter. We only ask that you respond to fire/rescue calls when you are in the area and available.

How to reach us for more information:

  • Call 501-821-9320 Option 2 with questions
  • Visit your local WPFD station (usually on a Tuesday night (between 7-9 pm) for more information.
  • Email us at wpfd@sbcglobal.net
  • Find us on our Social Media Accounts on Facebook or Instagram

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