Outdoor Burning -Check Here First

Outdoor burning conditions should always be considered carefully before you begin legal* burning outdoors.  Ambient temperature, relative humidity, and wind conditions are factors that determine how fast your fire will burn and whether you will be able to keep control. Sudden wind shifts during hot and/or dry conditions could cause your fire to jump from your control area and threaten property and structures, buildings,  and homes very quickly.  Check here anytime you plan outdoor burning to get up-to-date weather and burning conditions/warnings that may be active in your local area and remember to use caution when you burn. Stay with your fire to maintain control. Call your fire department by dialing 911 if you need help, immediately.

* Remember- It is only legal to burn natural debris- GRASS, LIMBS, TREES, and other ORGANIC MATTER.  The burning of building materials, trash, plastics, rubber, carpet, furniture, oil, chemicals, or other non-natural materials is against the law and can be subject to substantial fines by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Also, please consider the legal liability should you fail to maintain control of a fire on your property and causes damage to a neighbors property.

Arkansas Wildfire Danger Map www.arkfireinfo.org/index.php?do:showWildfires

Arkansas Burn Ban Map http://www.arkfireinfo.org/index.php?do:showBurnBans

National Drought Monitor Map http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/