Arkansas Firefighters Memorial – It’s Finally Finished!

Theader_01he Arkansas Firefighters Memorial has been a work-in-progress for decades. In case you are interested, here are some photos of the progress being made as this monument and tribute to Arkansas’ heroes is being constructed right now on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol.

Construction of the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial was completed in late November.

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial dedication ceremony will be held on:
Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 1:00p.m. at #1 Capitol Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas
located on the West Lawn. 

Everyone is invited! Make plans now to attend and share in this wonderful, moving event
honoring Arkansas’ fallen heroes.

A big thanks to Johnny Reep and Jackie Warren for sharing these construction photos! We will post more as they become available.



Also: See event photos from the Groundbreaking Ceremony Here:

Learn more about the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial at

When Brave Men Cry
Into the bowels of Hell,these brave ones go
To save the lives of those they do not know
Guided by training & Camaraderie while overcoming fear
They dare to go with only Guardian Angels near

Through the smoke and heat and gasses too
They fight their fears when looking for you
A life to save is their primary task
Think of them with kindness is all they ask

The Cross of Malta is their chosen crest
Love of another is the required test
First to respond when all spells gloom
They won’t quit though it could be their own doom

These Fire Fighters have seen so much
Burned and broken bodies, death, destruction and such
They go back for more each and every day
Because it’s the lives they save that makes them stay

All for one and one for all
You go – I go that is their call
And in their quest, when some do fall
The rest stand strong – still giving their all

The loss of a family member does take it’s toll
Cuts to the quick, down deep in your soul
Heroes forever, when they die
And that is when “BRAVE MEN CRY”