Check Your Address Markings!

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Lasix Jumbo Online Great story about why you need the best possible address sign to help us find YOU in an emergency. Contact Marcella at the Ferndale Crimewatch to order your sign before she runs out. Apparently all of central Arkansas is about to order our fancy red signs that no one else sells. Call 501-912-4211.

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| Up to 20% Off🔥 |. It solves the problem for you quickly. ☀☀☀ Clomid Buy Australia online ☀☀☀,special reduced price.. Buy Now » Well, it happened again today. Someone dials 911 and we cannot quickly find the address for which we were dispatched. It is kind of frustrating to find multiple driveways/ roads and several are missing or have obstructed address numbers for each.

Order Neurontin Over The Counter Imagine if you called for help and the one thing that got us to your door was a good set of address numbers. Even if your numbers are perfect, what if we are delayed because your neighbor’s address numbers were missing, incomplete, or barely visible? And, what if we went to the wrong address while searching for the correct one? We can lose minutes when seconds count. no prescription. topamax and weight loss. topamax and weight loss mechanism. topamax and weight loss study. topamax and weight loss 2011. YOU can help us help YOU in an emergency by having great address numbers posted. YOU can also help us get a little further down the road when we respond on your street by ensuring YOUR numbers are effective and visible from any direction of travel. order (Amitriptyline) discount price online for sale cheap Elavil is prescribed for treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. And don’t let a neighbor drag down your neighborhood, either. If someone nearby needs some address improvements, help them get with the program soon so it benefits everyone in your area!

Support The Cheap Can You Buy Flagyl At The Store, This instant viagra online kaufen ohne rezept erfahrungen 🔥 name: 'Kitchn Not sure what works best? Respond to this post with your comments or questions. Need a great address sign to fix any problem? Reach out to Marcella at the Ferndale Crimewatch (501-912-4211) today for a good deal on a great sign for your driveway, fence, gate, or home. The popular high visibility red signs seen all over our fire district are only $15!

Already got a great set of numbers? Show us a pic of what you got! Share here!

Stay safe, Y’all.

Wanna Help But Don’t Want To Fight A Fire? Bottled Drinks Are Nice!

Would you like to help fight fire without all of the effort and training to grab a fire hose yourself? You can help us as a water sponsor. Water Donations Are Needed Now! The temps have spiked and summer just skipped over spring. We are already seeing 90 degree days. Fighting fire is quickly dehydrating and we could always use your help to stay hydrated. If are looking for a way to help us, we use a bunch of water and sports drinks all year long to fuel our crews during the hottest days and situations. We can easily go through a case or two of water per fire call. If you can help, feel free to drop off a case of water or sports drinks at your closest WPFD fire station. Just set it by the door and we will make sure it gets put to good use! We need these all year long but really go through the fluids when temps are 80 degrees and up. Thank you for your support!

Ferndale Food Pantry – Donation Drive

Ferndale Food Pantry - Donation Drive

The food drive supporting the Fendale Food Pantry at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church starts tomorrow!

WPFD will have boxes at Station 1 (Whispering Pines Road/Col Glenn), Station 2 (25911 Kanis), and Station 3 (Hwy 10/Ferndale Cutoff). Boxes will be out around Noon.


Station #4 at the Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival

What a fantastic day we had at the Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival. The weather was great and it was awesome to see so many familiar and new faces. From these pics you can tell the kids loved climbing into real fire trucks and maybe even a few imagined what it might be like to volunteer with us as a firefighter when they get old enough. We hope you had a chance to make it out today. The weather may bring more rain by tomorrow. Hopefully you get to see this wonderful festival each year with friends and family. It is worth the trip!

Stay safe!