WPFD Rescue @ Wildland Medical Extraction

WPFD Rescue @ Wildland Medical Extraction

WPFD Firefighters were dispatched for an emergency patient extraction from a heavily wooded timber area recently.  Responders coordinated efforts with MEMS Ambulance, thumb Baptist Med-flight, Arkansas Game and Fish Officers, Saline and Pulaski County Sheriff offices to access extremely remote area within timber property to mobilize and extract the patient to a hilltop landing zone for emergency medical airlift to a hospital.

West Pulaski Fire Department responds to all emergency situations in our fire district area.  At the time you dial 911 for emergency assistance,  all necessary local (and sometimes state agencies) will be summoned as needed to begin the response, no matter what the call may be.

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Annual WPFD Christmas Dinner / Firefighter Awards

At the West Pulaski Annual Christmas Dinner, treat held December 12th, help we all took a small break from the training, maintenance, and fire hoses as our firefighters and their families were able to sit down to celebrate the holiday season.

WPFD had a lot of activity this year.  Running a large volunteer organization like ours with multiple facilities is a substantial task considering your entire workforce is unpaid.  We could not function without the tireless efforts of all of our dedicated firefighters that are compensated only with the satisfaction of serving the public need and responding for our neighbors and brother/sister firefighters. Additionally, we wanted to recognize some individuals that went above and beyond in service to our organization. See the awards presented below. (more pictures will be posted later)

We truly hope for less emergency calls in the new year, but assure you we will be ready should you need us.  Best wishes to you and your loved ones from the WPFD family.

Picture from the event are at this link:


yFirefighter of the Decad 2009
Department Firefighter of the Decade

Department Recognition of Service
Department Recognition of Service

yFirefighter of the  year 2009
Department Firefighter of the Year
zStation Firefighers of the year 2009
Station Firefighters of the Year

Did you say FLOOD? I didn’t know it was raining?

Did you say FLOOD?  I didn't know it was raining?

WPFD was dispatched to a flooding situation on December 26, drug 2009 due to a levee break up stream from ponds and creeks that flow through drainage at an intersection of Lawson and County Line roads at the Pulaski and Saline County lines.  An 8-10 foot wall of water washed a passing car off the road without injury, seek but temporarily trapped the driver in the vehicle.

Even though the torrential rains had stopped for a few days before the incident, prostate a series of levees had become rain saturated from constant water flowing into and over the retaining walls of 4 ponds in the area. As one pond broke, it sent a huge amount of water to the next in the series of ponds creating a chain reaction downstream to other water reservoirs.

Trees and power lines were down as secondary downstream levees threatened to break. West Pulaski Fire/Rescue crews were dispatch to various surrounding areas to protect property owners and evacuate danger areas until road and bridge crews from Pulaski and Saline County could assess the damage with Entergy and First Electric power crews.  No major injuries were sustained but at least one home and a few vehicles were damaged in the incidents initial levee break.  More information about this incident can be found at the following new sites as well as an interview with Chief Ronnie Wheeler.




Free Wireless AMBER Alerts- Sign Up Now!

Free Wireless AMBER Alerts- Sign Up Now!

West Pulaski Fire Department would like you to join us in supporting the efforts of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  NCMEC, with the U. S. Department of Justice and many wireless telephone carriers,  has developed a program for free wireless AMBER Alert Notifications to your wireless phone.  Please visit the link below to the organization’s website and sign-up today for a free text message notification when an AMBER Alert is issued in your local area.  Your participation will help find our nations children that are missing or abducted.  Someone’s child needs your help!

Sign up TODAY at www.wirelessamberalerts.org

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