End of Year Giving – 2022

As we finish up the year 2022, we are thankful for all of the support we have received from our neighbors. We are not a group of ragtag volunteers that hope to help. We are a group of dedicated individuals that strive to serve the communities in which we live to the best of our abilities. With training and preparedness, we know we make a difference. We hope you see success in our efforts.
We have much planned for the coming year 2023. End-of-year giving may not be on your plan yet but there is still a brief amount of time left to donate to YOUR volunteer fire department with a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to help us further our mission. If you would like to support our department, our people, our initiatives, and your neighbors with a generous gift of any amount. Now is the time that you can take advantage of tax deductions for the 2022 tax year.

Slick Roads and More! Be Safe!

Roads are better than expected but use caution along with slower speeds and gentle braking. Some icy spots will remain much of today as temps are not going to warm very fast. While driving is a concern for many please remember to be careful walking too. Slick spots around you home or to and from work, shopping and more may exist. Take care and stay warm!

Lawson Elementary E.A.S.T

WPFD is proud to work with the E.A.S.T. program at Lawson Elementary for a new community service project that will blend learning and technology to help outfit our newest fire apparatus, Engine 1. The E.A.S.T. students recently inspected our truck and tools to determine mounting requirements for several tools we carry onboard. Next, they will develop plans, create designs and construct these options to store and secure the equipment in their respective compartments using 3D printing capabilities. We look forward to the great options they will develop for our new fire engine and are excited to see their work entered into competition at the E.A.S.T. state conference next summer in Hot Springs, AR.

Chimney Fire Season Begins

Early this evening WPFD was dispatched to a chimney fire in the Westcliffe neighborhood. Crews worked quickly to determine if the fire had escaped the chimney structure into the attic and managed to attack the fire from inside and outside the home. We are happy to say the good work paid off with a successful fire stop and minimizing damage to the rest of the home. Thanks to all that responded, including mutual aid crews from Lake Norrell FD, Salem FD, Collegeville FD, and Crystal Fire. This quality stop of the fire kept it from taking other parts of the home if not the whole house. Great work!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors