End of Year Giving – 2021

As we finish up the year 2021, we are thankful for all of the support we have received from our neighbors that support our efforts to support the communities we protect. We are not a group of ragtag volunteers that hope to help. We are a group of dedicated individuals that strive to serve the communities in which we live to the best of our abilities. With training and preparedness, we know we make a difference. We hope you see success in our efforts.
We have much planned for the coming year 2022 as we work to bring a new fire engine (pumper) into service very soon and to build a new fire station in the western part of our district that needs equipment/resources located nearby to help with our responses to support those neighborhoods. End-of-year giving may not be on your plan yet but there is still a brief amount of time left to donate to YOUR volunteer fire department with a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to help us further our mission. If you would like to support our department, our people, our initiatives, and your neighbors with a generous gift of any amount. Now is the time so that you can take advantage of tax deductions for the 2021 tax year.