2011 Fire Membership Dues -Support YOUR Volunteer Fire Dept.

Reminder: 2011 Annual Fire Department Dues Notices are now being delivered* via U.S.  Mail.  West Pulaski Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer Fire and Rescue organization and relies on the financial support of the communities we protect.  Please don’t delay payment. Make sure you are covered so that you qualify for your insurance carriers best rates that are offered to customers that support their volunteer fire organization!

Prompt payment of your annual dues will ensure your membership is paid for the current year. We advise you that pursuant to Arkansas State Law, “Non-Members” may be charged a penalty for the provision of firefighting services. Also, property owners that fail to pay “Membership Dues” to their Fire Department are prohibited from receiving reduced fire protection rates on their fire insurance which can significantly increase your insurance premiums.

*Property Owners in Pulaski County that live within 5 miles from their closest WPFD fire station will have their annual dues billed directly with their annual real estate assessment.  Check with your Pulaski County Assessors office or WPFD (wpfd@sbcglobal.net) if you need proof of paid membership for your home insurance carrier.

For more information, visit our department website page for frequently asked questions about Annual Fire Dues  at this link http://www.wpfirerescue.org/about-wpfd/wpfd-fire-protection-dues/