Newest Emergency Medical Responders – EMR Class of 2017


Congratulations are in order!

The following WPFD members recently completed training for Emergency Medical Responder!

Congrats to:
Henry Kessler (Station #1)
Mike Wilson (Station #2)
Virginia Austin (Station #4)
Brian Woepple (Station #2)
Mary Quaid (Station #4)
Steve Quaid (Station #4)
Blake Gilliam (Station #1) – not pictured
Cliff Spann (Station #3)
Joel DeWitt (Station #3) – not pictured
Ron Bruchwalski (Station #5)

EMR’s (formally called First Responders) are specially trained to provide pre-hospital care in medical emergencies or trauma situations, typically provide basic life support, and give vital assistance to Paramedics and EMTs.

These folks invested quite a bit of time over several weeks and completed 40 hours of classroom/lecture and practical (hands-on) learning. Adding the time for private study, class prep, and exam readiness can double the time commitment.