Brush Truck 4 Lost In Fire



This vehicle, based at Station #4, serves our Wye Mountain / Little Italy area and supports others in our district and neighboring departments for mutual aid. We are making plans for immediate and long-term replacement of this primary fire apparatus that is mostly used for grass/woods fires and secondary rescue or off-road support.

We expect insurance will cover the majority of costs to replace the 2008 Ford F-350 4×4 Heavy Duty chassis. We are already working to strip of the salvageable equipment like the fire-rated pump motor, water tank, hose, reel, and equipment. Realistically, we also lost emergency lighting, communication equipment and more that might not be fully covered with the cost of a comparable chassis and work bed.

Don’t worry. We are working hard to get a good quality truck chassis to rebuild from the ashes of our old truck. When the dust (or smoke) settles we may be able to get an even better truck to serve this area. If you would like to help in our rebuilding processes for constructing our replacement truck with a donation, please contact our business office at 501-821-9320 or email us at to let us know how you might like to help.  We  hope to get things planned soon and start the construction of a replacement truck, work bed, and all the things that go into making a quality fire service vehicle for our Station 4 area.