Brush Truck Fleet Upgrade – A BIG Deal For All Station Areas

Did you know most of our Brush Trucks (Fire Trucks used for woods, ed grass, mind field fires) are at least 25 years old? These qualify as “Antique Vehicles” by Arkansas standards. One of our most active Brush Trucks is even 34 years old. Lets just say that when you go to work in rough terrain with heavy duty equipment to fight a fire that old and high mileage is not preferred. WPFD continues to work hard to upgrade our oldest vehicles to get modern equipment in every area. We were able to acquire some 2008 model Ford chassis recently that will serve as our next fleet of modern Brush Trucks. Check out our website for pictures of the progress as we begin converting these stock trucks into custom on-road/off-road fire fighting machines!

Follow this link to check out photos as we make progress: