Can We Find You When Seconds Count?

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If someone in your home calls 911 for HELP your Fire Department, Police and an Ambulance will respond, but we need your assistance to find you faster!

What if:

  • Weather conditions are bad and visibility is poor?
  • Bushes, vines or weeds grow to hide address numbers?
  • Address numbers are low on the post and covered by weeds?
  • Brass address numbers on your post do not contrast with the background color and can’t be easily seen?
  • Address numbers are on the mailbox, but numbers are covered when flag is pulled down?
  • No address numbers near your driveway?
  • Address numbers on mailbox are small, obstructed and/or non-reflective?


Imagine how and where emergency personnel would be looking to find your home. The LARGER and BOLDER your address numbers are, the quicker and easier it will result in you getting help. If you were driving an emergency vehicle, what would you be looking for to find the residence quickly?

Should you need assistance or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our business office at 501-821-9320.  Don’t wait until there is an emergency.

911 Address Standards are listed below

Mailbox Address Number Placement:

Place mailbox post three feet from the edge of driveway and 2 feet from the edge of the roadway (same as mailbox). Post your 911 Mailbox Address Numbers on both sides of the box, facing traffic from either direction with REFLECTIVE NUMBERS AND/OR CONTRASTING NIMBERS – SIZES ARE RECOMMENDED TO BE NO LESS THAN 3″ INCHES HIGH 

Address Post Placement:

If your your mailbox is on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROAD from your property, you NEED TO INSTALL A RIGID POST by the corner of your driveway, with REFLECTIVE AND/OR CONTRASTING ADDRESS NUMBERS, on both sides, to face traffic from either direction. (3 Sides if more than two access directions exist or on a shared driveway. Post should be at least 48″ inches in height to reduce avoid obstruction by grass and weeds. Post should be placed for best visibility from ANY approaching (driving) direction.


Here is a link if you want to purchase an online kit right now!

mailbox graphic