Coming Soon……New Engine 1

WPFD is excited to announce a new fire apparatus, a fire truck, a pumper to be more specific, is on its way to Station #1! For many years we have made plans for the replacement of a frontline pumper at our Station #1 in the Col. Glenn area. Our current Engine 1 (E1) is a 1999 Toyne/International pumper that has served us well but is beginning to show its age. With years of saving and planning an order was made in 2021 to start the process have the new truck built by acquiring a heavy-duty chassis (the Kenworth truck cab and frame) and then having the manufacturer custom build the apparatus to our specifications. The base chassis has box/compartment sections for equipment and storage built from aluminum, then they install the water pump and plumbing that connects to the transmission. After that fittings, hooks, shelving, lighting, and more are added to our specifications. The truck is nearing the end of the construction process and is undergoing testing and final fitment of a few things like equipment doors and such. We know this truck will service our needs well and should serve our fire district and communities well for decades. Here is a sneak peek of the truck in process and we can’t wait to get it back to Arkansas and to get it into service as soon as possible.