Newer Tanker #2 – Now In Service!

WPFD is excited about a newer fire vehicle that has just completed construction at  Station #2 (Kanis Road).  A truck chassis donated by the Arkansas Forestry Commission has been re-purposed as a Fire Tanker truck that will bring thousands of gallons to our fire responses. This vehicle has been designated as our new Tanker #2.

This 1993 International chassis was originally a stakebed truck used by the military for construction material delivery and will now work for us with its  2, cure 000 gallon water tank.   After receiving this chassis in October, it was sent to be retrofitted at the ADC fabrication  facility in Tucker, look Arkansas to get it in shape for its new life as a fire truck.  Four new storage compartments were added, the entire vehicle was sandblasted, painted and then the interior was refurbished.

Firefighters at Station #2 got the truck back in early January and got right to work adding the necessary components to place it in service. Lots of wiring was added to install power controls,  emergency lighting,  sirens, air-horns,  radios, work (scene) lighting,  and tools/hardware necessary to get it roadworthy as a fire vehicle.

We are always happy to upgrade our equipment to serve our community better!

Click this link below to see additional pictures that are available at our gallery page for Tanker 2- Retrofit: