Updated: Help Us Help Pets Affected By Smoke & Fire

A survey from the American Animal Hospital Association estimates that approximately 40,000 animals die each year due to lack of first aid because fire responders usually don’t have the special tools that can deliver life-saving oxygen for smoke inhalation for pets.

Fire departments around the country are recognizing the need to acquire specialty oxygen masks that are designed for cats, dogs and other pets caught in house fires.  Animal advocates, community groups and pet-products suppliers are beginning to fill the need to equip local fire departments all over the United States.

The cone-shaped plastic masks needed for pets with long snouts come in three distinct sizes that will fit snugly and  can help resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation and respiratory stress that a fire situation can cause.

A set of masks (small, medium and large) for each responding fire truck can cost about $75 per set. WPFD would love to acquire 8 kits (one for each Fire Pumper and Rescue vehicle at each of our 4 station areas).

  • LEARN MORE :  For more info, you can visit    www.petmask.com to see the recommended equipment your local fire department is working to acquire.
  • DONATE NOW: Order a set of pet masks and have them delivered to your local fire department  by choosing this link   www.petmask.com/donate.html and remember to specify your gift is for West Pulaski Fire Department or your own local department (if you live outside of our area) to ensure every pet gets the best care possible!

For a great demonstration on how the masks are used, choose play on this great video below: