Message From Chief Joblin

Hi, Neighbors.

It has come to my attention that some questions regarding the future of West Pulaski Fire Department in the Wye Mountain/Little Italy area have come up. Let me reassure you, the community’s safety is of the utmost importance to me and of West Pulaski Fire Department. Fact: There has been and will be no plan to dissolve WPFD Station #4 that protects Wye Mountain/Little Italy area north and west of Lake Maumelle.

It is no secret Station #4 is woefully short of volunteers right now. Recognizing this, we have two strategies in place to ensure adequate coverage. First, West Pulaski Station #3 (Hwy 10) and #5 (Pinnacle Valley) both automatically respond to all calls in Wye/ Little Italy. Secondly, we have mutual aid agreements with surrounding departments – Lake Maumelle Fire Department, Bigelow Fire Department, Williams Junction Fire Department, and Harris Brake Fire Department to also respond when needed. These departments are automatically dispatched to any reported structure fire. In addition, they can be called for ANY emergency. These two strategies remain in place to provide a prompt response and coverage all day, every day.

But we still want and need volunteers for the local station. We need you! Volunteers do not need any prior training to join – we will provide all the training needed to become a certified volunteer firefighter. West Pulaski provides all the gear and equipment as well. The requirements for membership include: residing in the district or close vicinity, being physically and medically capable, and passing a background check. Giving back to the community with like-minded people is a rewarding experience.

You are welcome to stop by Station # 4 at 35911 Hwy 300 on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. Or contact any of the following: Battalion Chief Mark Shoemaker: 501-442-5629, Chief Scott Joblin: 501-830-7227, or Deputy Chief Jason Rogers: 501-821-9320 option 2.

Thank you!

Scott Joblin

Fire Chief

West Pulaski Fire Dept.