Movin’ on UP

Becoming a firefighter with West Pulaski Fire is a commitment. We would like to recognize a few of our own doing great things in their rookie year. These folks have accomplished much with time and training recently and moved up to full firefighter members, earning their WPFD challenge coin and our respect. We recognize their service and dedication to learning the job, responding, and serving our communities with WPFD. These folks have passed a milestone and are going further to learn more, do more, and help more when the call comes out. We are glad you are a part of our firefighter family.

Congrats, Firefighters!

Firefighter- Michelle Hill

Firefighter – Sean Owens

Firefighter- Daniel Brewer

Firefighter – Andrew Richardson

Firefighter – Gary Ward

Career Firefighter Nathan Molsbee earns his Volunteer Coin with Us!

Want to earn a firefighter coin? Come see us.