Prevent Fires this July 4th

Well, it is dry outside, maybe too dry. There is no Burn Ban so the fun stuff is still legal but you should always be safe. The rain predicted for this weekend never quite materialized. So, here is where we share a little caution with you about firework safety and hope that the dry conditions don’t lead to too much damage for the holiday. Each year we see where fireworks are the cause of unplanned fires. The sparks, flames, and bangs sometimes go too far into the woods or fall over in a failure to launch that sends a flaming projectile in a wrong direction. Please have a plan for safety that protects yourself, your family, your guests, and your property this year. Don’t shoot fireworks too close to people, your home, or near grassy or wooded areas that could catch fire easily. The grass and wooded areas are dryer than preferred. Use caution by making sure your launch pad is secure and clear of things that might burn. Keep a safe distance and only shoot on property you own or have permission to occupy. We respond to fire each year from fireworks and hope no one is injured or suffers a loss due to fire. Shoot Fireworks Safely!