Remembering the Tornado of 4/27/2014

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It has been one year since a devastating storm brought a tornado to our fire district. WPFD responded to the destruction and injured in four major impact areas between the Saline/Pulaski County line near Brush Mountain Trail and Arkansas Highway 10.  This storm changed the lives of many, including our fire department folks, discount in the way we think about a major storm response and how we prepare for it, for sale while hoping we never have something so tragic in our service area again.

On this day, one year later, we want to remember those that were lost, emergency responders and neighbors that helped, many that are still recovering in some way, and those that helped in the many days afterward to cleanup and rebuild. It was tough to see such a tragic day but in the clearing we saw so many positive things in strength and resilience of a community, the abundant kindness of strangers, and a tremendous hope for recovery. 

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