SMART911 Expanding With New Smart Prepare Capability

Have you signed up for Smart911 yet? This safe and secure capability is available at no cost to you. Paid for by the State of Arkansas, hospital this program allows you to create a profile to automatically send vital data to 911 emergency operators as a part of your call. This gets critical information about how to find you (home), clinic what kind of vehicle to look for (car), identify occupants and locations in a home (fire), chronic medical conditions and medications family members are prescribed, and even help identify your pets.

A new capability is being added, again at no charge, is a new preparedness capability called SmartPrepare will help state emergency coordinators manage multi-agency responses to state disaster areas. You can update your profile to inform us of special evacuation needs or conditions for your family members. Here is more info that can help us help you in an emergency situation.