We need your Help!

If you dial 911 for help due to respiratory (breathing) difficulty or flu-like illness, you or a family member is asked to communicate as much detailed information as possible about your situation to the dispatch operator. Any responders that will be coming to help you would like to know in advance of critical information to help us assist you and to take necessary precautions that could help us protect ourselves in your service. Thank you.

Also, if you have a medical concern or are worried about symptoms regarding the Corona Virus (Covid-19), here is a good place to start with UAMS. You can visit their website for a free evaluation from home or on your phone BEFORE you visit a doctor. Talk to a live nurse and take a quiz to be evaluated. It could be an easier way to get your answers, talk with a health professional, and get a reasonable evaluation before getting stuck in a doctor’s office or heading to an Emergency department. Feel free to share so you have this in your toolbox of things if needed.