West Pulaski Fire Department Response Summary for 2022

2022 was a busy year for West Pulaski Fire Dept. Our crews responded to 1206 calls for service this year and which is a 20% increase over 2021. Here is a comparison over the past few years:

2022 – 1206 calls (Avg of 3.3 calls per day)

2021 – 981 calls (Avg of 2.6 calls per day)

2020 – 828 calls (Avg of 2.2 calls per day)


2022 Call Percentages Breakdown:

Fires –139 Responses (11.67%)

Rescue & Emergency Medical Service — 673 Responses (56.51%)

Hazardous Condition (No Fire) — 25 Responses (2.1%)

Service Call – 106 Responses (8.9%)

Good Intent Call – 160 Responses (13.43%)

False Alarm & False Call – 53 Responses (4.45%)

Severe Weather & Natural Disaster – 28 Responses (2.35%)

Special Incident Type – 7 Responses (0.59%)

Other — 15 Responses (1%)

These call statistics indicate not only some general growth in our service area (new homes or population increases) but also the density of non-residents that move through our area as traffic (cars) or visitors and events by non-residents. More traffic and more people usually equal more activity.

We deeply appreciate the support from you, our neighbors, that help us to serve the several neighborhoods in our fire district. With your support, we can always do our best.

Want to Join us? We are always looking for great folks to join our great organization. Are you looking for ways to help or serve? If you want to know more, reach out to WPFD for more info to find out how you can join our team. Call 501-821-9320, visit your local fire station, or find us online at wpfirescue.org or on social media

Neighbors Helping Neighbors