WPFD Planning For Fire Boat Program


West Pulaski Fire Department currently provides fire and rescue coverage to areas along the Arkansas River and Maumelle River like Little Rock Yacht Club, sale Maumelle Park, Beck Road, County Farm Road, Isbell Lane, and areas near Two Rivers Park. The need for “floating” fire and rescue apparatus in these areas near the Arkansas River valley has continued to grow as housing and traffic continues to increase. WPFD is planning to acquire a Fire Boat and implement a program for our fire district. This will be a large commitment but will be worth the effort to better serve our fire district.  WPFD recently made arrangements to receive a very nice fire boat through the Arkansas Forestry’s and U.S. Forestry’s donation program. The boat is leaving its current  service at the Joplin Volunteer Fire Dept. on Lake Ouachita. Some of our volunteers already have the required training and more will get the opportunity to train once we activate this boat  for service. Stay tuned for updates at wpfirerescue.org and our Facebook page.

Click the link below to see more pictures of our planned fire boat.