wpfd on scene at a chimney fire

WPFD and Crystal Fire were dispatched tonight to a possible chimney fire on Ginger Hill Road. On arrival, we found the problem may have resolved itself but we needed to check high and low for any remaining fire or damage. Luckily this was a good call that didn’t spread from the chimney/flue and burned itself out before causing chimney failure, loss of property, or personal injury. With some extreme cold predicted for in the next several days, please use caution to ensure your own home heat sources are safe and operating effectively. Extreme cold temps and the need for supplemental heat can sometimes lead to house fires. We have worked too many residential structure fires on the very coldest of nights. If you haven’t had your chimney swept in a while, or have already burned a lot of green wood this season, you could be at risk. Green (unseasoned) wood makes more creosote and can lead to flammable soot deposits that can cause chimney failures and house fires. If you use kerosene or electric heaters, be sure to use extra caution to ensure they are safe distances from combustibles. Stay warm and safe!