WPFD, PCSO, And State Police Search And Find Missing 5 Year Old Boy

Ferndale – A 5- year old boy who was reported missing Wednesday night was safely found early Thursday morning.The boy disappeared from his locked home on Kanis Road 8:40 p.m. after it was suspected he exited the structure from a doggie door and entered the heavily wooded area surrounding his home.

Over 60 people joined the nighttime search from WPFD, Pulaski County Sherrif’s Dept, and Arkansas State Police who brought in their helicopter and night vision capabilities in the early hours of the search to view the dense woods with infrared cameras. After 6+ hours of searching with 50+ searchers, the boy was located around 3 a.m in the woods east of his residence by one of the searchers using bloodhounds brought in from the Arkansas Department of Corrections search team . The boy was treated by MEMS ambulance paramedics and was found to have had some minor visible scratches but was not injured otherwise.