Additional WPFD Repeater Tower Planned

Hard at work. WPFD had a crew mixing it up on a mountain top with about 100 bags of concrete today. We set the foundation and base section of a new radio repeater that will serve our western part of our fire district. In the future we expect better communications for our crews working south of Lake Maumelle to the north side of Lake Norrell and toward the central part of our district near downtown Ferndale. We are glad it was a safe day and no one got hurt or slid down the steep mountain, luckily. Thank you to all of our guys that made it out to get this long needed project coming out of the ground and going skyward.

Attention Station #5!

WPFD is nearing operations for our new fire station located at the corner of Pinnacle Valley and Beck Roads. So much work and fundraising has made this new station possible. We truly look forward to this new addition to our WPFD family. Here are some pictures of the progress made over the past few months of construction that will help us better serve this northeast corner of our fire district for many years to come.

We hope to make an announcement soon about our plans for our grand opening!