WPFD Helicopter Landing Zone Training with Baptist MedFlight

West Pulaski Fire Department responds to just about any kind of emergency you can think of. Just like a municipal fire department, we respond to medical calls, vehicle accidents, rescue situations and a lot of other things that fall in between. Even though we are not that far from the big city of Little Rock, some of our incidents require rapid transport to a medical facility. You may have heard of a term referred to as the “Golden Hour”. This is the really short amount of time that requires an injured person to receive in-hospital treatment within 60 minutes or less.

When a serious incident happens, the clock really starts ticking at the moment the medical event, motor vehicle accident, or rescue event occurs, not when first responder’s arrive to help. Since WPFD is often on-scene first, we begin assessing well before the ambulance can arrive to take you to the hospital. If a medical or traumatic event occurs, we often make preparations to bring in a medical-support helicopter to cut down the time it takes to transport to the closest medical center. When seconds count most, a 5-minute ride by helicopter can drastically cut down the 20-30 minute ride by ambulance. This is how WPFD works to ensure our community gets the medical treatment they require within the “Golden Hour”.

To see some pictures from our recent medical helicopter training class hosted by Baptist MedFlight, follow this link to our training photos page. http://www.wpfirerescue.org/photo-galleries/training-photos/