Do you mind if we park our helicopter here?

During a response to a recent motorcycle accident, WPFD needed to get our patient to the nearest trauma center as soon as possible.  Motorcycle incidents especially can present the need for timely treatment because the chance for multiple injuries known and unknown are greater than when involved driver(s) and passengers are inside the confines of a more protected passenger compartment of the vehicle.  Occasions like this require us to quickly find the nearest suitable location to bring in a medical helicopter like Baptist Medflight or Air-Evac to a safe and accessible location complete the patient transfer from the ambulance to the med-evac chopper. We do this kind of stuff a lot more often than you might think.  If you have a large plot of land near a main road, don’t be surprised if we drive up to make a strange request to park a helicopter on you property. We won’t need it for long, but it sure would help out in a pinch. Here are some pictures of our helicopter landing zone “donated” by a helpful neighbor that permitted us to “borrow” his front yard.