Be Careful With Outdoor Burning and Fireworks!

Remember to exercise caution when burning outdoors this summer. High temperatures, low humidity, and windy conditions can turn small controlled fire into a quickly destructive force. Before you burn a pile of leaves or brush, remember that weather conditions can change fast in our state. If you ever loose control of your fire….DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

1. Keep your burn piles small and near a water source to extinguish should wind or weather change.
2. Don’t burn near any structure, vehicle or flammable areas that can catch fire quickly from nearby sparks.
3. Never burn ANY wood building materials, chemicals, rubber, or plastics. State regulations have very large monetary fines for burning anything other than natural materials like leaves, sticks, trees, grass, etc.
4. Use caution when shooting fireworks during dry and/or windy conditions. Never shoot near buildings, cars or wooded/grassy areas.
5. Never burn anything outside during a burn ban (look for news announcements and local signs on roadways)
1. Build your leaf and wood refuse piles to burn only when weather conditions are right for outdoor burning.
2. Cover your pile with a tarp or rain-proof covering to keep dry until heavy rain increases air humidity and wets the surrounding ground. Burn your dry pile with the safety of wet conditions to maintain control.
3. Never use gasoline or explosive fuels to start your fire. A dry burn pile and kindling /fireplace type of fire-starter should be enough to start most burn piles safely without risk of injury or life altering burns.
4. Check your local weather before you burn and then visit these links from the Arkansas Forestry Commission to see if burning conditions are safe:

Arkansas Wildfire Danger Map

Arkansas Burn Ban Map