Close Call Averted In The Ferndale Area!

An early morning close call occurred at 4am on July 5th when a firework rocket launched near the intersection of Kanis and Ferndale Cutoff landed on the roof of the Ferndale Grocery Store. The rocket lodged at the roof and an adjacent wall where it ignited wood and vinyl siding burning a 4 foot by 4 foot section of wall.  This early morning slow fire was spotted when a local caller saw a small stream of smoke on the roof and dialed 911. WPFD was dispatched and extiguished the fire quickly before major damage could occur to the structure.  The fire could have grown to a terribly large structure fire compounded by all of the fuel stored at that location.  The impact to the owners and the community for the loss of a local business could have been quite devastating. Please use caution and care with fireworks around your property and those of your neighbors!