Become A Named Sponsor For West Pulaski Fire Department’s New Fire Station

WPFD actively pursuing named sponsors for our new fire station planned on Brush Mountain Trail in the western part of our fire district.

We have already broken ground on the soil and will be ready to start building as soon as possible. Like any volunteer organization, we have funds to start but need funds and need to finish.

With the building land and building pad ready, we hope to get our formal bids soon and start the work that will serve a community with better fire and rescue services with fire equipment that is positioned more closely for the fastest response in an emergency.

This is where you can help. We are accepting donations from anyone in the community that wants to help us get this project finished fast in 2022. By donating, you not only help us reach our goal to construct more quickly but can help us get it occupied with trucks that can be placed in the building sooner when the facility is ready.

West Pulaski Fire Department is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your tax-deductible donation can show you support for our fire department, community, residents, and businesses in this area. We will display your name on our sponsor board at the job site for the duration of construction through occupancy, and then add your name to the new station’s charter sponsors for display in the station.

Please consider committing yourself or your business as a sponsor to our project and showing the community that you care! Thank you!