Extreme Weather In Central Arkansas: Storm Siren Update

Here is some information about storm sirens that were most recently used this past week for extreme weather that involved tornado warnings.


Perry County  (Perry County OEM Description)

Perry County only has 2 Sirens in the county. They they are both in the City of Perryville. It depends on the situation on how and when they are activated. If the weather service has a warning for the entire county or for the Perryville area they are activated. If a citizen calls in it is confirmed by a weather spotter before activated.

Saline County (Saline County OEM Description)

When the Saline County 24-hour warning point receives notification through the NAWAS; TAR; ACIC; radio or TV of a TORNADO WARNING anywhere in Saline County, the sirens should be activated immediately! There should be NO DELAY. Remember, this is an early warning system designed to give the citizen as much warning as possible so that they may take cover. If a tornado is in an adjoining county and headed toward Saline County, the dispatcher assigned to monitor the weather should consult with the shift supervisor regarding whether or not to activate the sirens. For example, if a tornado is in Garland, Hot Springs, or Grant County and headed toward Saline County – activate the sirens! Activation of the sirens based on phone calls of sightings is at the discretion of the shift supervisor. If the sighting is by someone in a position of authority such as, SCSO patrol personnel, SCSO commanders (Majors, Captains, Sheriff), the Saline County Judge, County Emergency Management Director or Deputy Director, then activate the sirens.

Pulaski County (Pulaski County OEM

29 sirens are located in Pulaski County. Units within incorporated (city areas) are operated by those municipalities. Outside of those city limits, Pulaski County OEM operates the sirens that are located around the remainder of the county in central areas that are most populated.  Often, sirens are located at schools locations or some major intersections (when schools aren’t nearby).

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