Help us Help you on Lake Maumelle!

WPFD regularly to emergencies on Lake Maumelle for medical, rescue and more. For years we have been overly dependent for water transport from borrowed equipment at the marina and didn’t have a suitable fire and rescue transport for water emergencies or search and rescue. WPFD has acquired a donated boat from a government program to place a suitable rescue boat on Lake Maumelle. This one is similar to the boat we have based at the Yacht Club Marina on the Little Maumelle River and Arkansas River, all in service in our fire district.

Fireboat 2 – Before we put this boat in the water for full service, we need to replace the motors that are aged and difficult to maintain. We estimate the cost is high but already have a good start to replace the dual 2-stroke outboard motors with more modern 4-stroke outboard units.

If you enjoy the beauty and convenience of scenic Lake Maumelle or just want to help us provide the timely and effective response to lake goers, please consider a gift of any amount to help us reach our goal. We estimate the overall cost is about $20,000 per motor x2 for a total of $40,000 to ensure this boat is powered and quick enough to be effective in an emergency situation. The rest of the boat is already outfitted with safety, lighting, communications, and tools to do so much. Your help will get us in the water to go to work when needed! We are about halfway toward our goal and any amount you contribute will help us keep Lake Maumelle boaters safe!