Large Woods Fire 8/29/2023

On Tuesday 8/29 WPFD was dispatched to a large woods fire near County Line Road and Polly Lane. Those are just south of East Col. Glenn Road. This was a larger alarm between homes and other structures and we called in additional support from Lake Norrell Fire, Crystal Fire, Collegeville Fire, and Salem Fire departments for trucks and manpower. We also called in the Arkansas Forestry Division for fire plows (bulldozers) to encircle the burn area to contain the spread. We want to say thanks to our folks and mutual aid partners for the assistance in this quick-moving fire that was effectively contained in a couple hours.

Since we won’t have much rain in the near future (a little rain on Monday is possible but might not be enough) to reduce the fire risk. We ask you to be mindful to not burn in areas prohibited by Burn Bans (we’re looking at you Perry County) and other areas that are just too dry to light a fire (everyone else). We want you to be safe but we also do not lose a home or valuable property to something preventable.

Here is a nice aerial shot of the burn area from a neighbor who got some sweet drone footage of the aftermath the next day. Big THANKS to them for sharing some great imaging here. A small spark can run quick. Y’all Stay Safe!