New Tanker Project – Station #4 Back From The Refurbishing Shop

Its time again for a vehicle upgrade to our Station #4 area that serves Little Italy on the north side of Lake Maumelle. Their current water hauler was refurbished almost 10 years ago with an old semi-tractor trailer chassis that already had a million miles on it.  Seriously, the current truck has a million miles on it, literally. So adding a newer and low mileage vehicle (this one has less than 10,000 miles on it) to the fleet for water carrying capability has been high on the list. WPFD acquired this very low mileage 90’s model Freightliner truck chassis from the Arkansas Forestry Commission through the governments surplus property program that benefits fire departments around the country. WPFD sent the military grade hauler down to the Tucker Bus Shop for refurbishing.  This is where a good low-mileage vehicle gets the age brushed away with some thorough cleaning, painting, repair, and enhancements to begin its next chapter as a fire ready water tender (that is fire speak for water tanker). A new water tank was constructed to carry approximately 2,500 gallons of water. Black chassis paint was applied. Body paint was added in fire red with accents in metallic silver.  This heavy duty truck will now get the treatment of emergency warning lights, auxiliary power additions, radios, sirens, identification markings and reflective safety striping. WPFD does just about all of that stuff in house with our talented crew of volunteers that have done this stuff several times before. It is great to see a fine truck like this added to our fleet for low dollars and high value when it comes to maintenance and getting the job done. It will haul needed water to fire scenes that don’t have fire hydrants, which in the country, is many places in our fire district. We will post some additional pictures soon, but look for this truck to come online for active duty in the coming weeks once upgrades are completed.