Resolve To Be Ready For Our Next Natural Disaster

Now that things are mostly back to normal, pilule please take a moment to evaluate how you and your family coped (survived) during the cold weather and extended power outage. WPFD was extremely busy responding to the emergency calls during our major weather event that cause or impacted our responses with downed trees and powerlines, blocked roads, several vehicle wrecks / passengers trapped in vehicles, trees on homes/cars, numerous medical calls and structure fires caused by candles, generators, and fireplaces. Have you thought about what you would do differently to be better prepared for our next major weather event or storm? Are you ready to “survive” blocked roads, lost utilities, extended stays at home without normal home heat and water? Please make a plan now to be ready before the next major event. Winter storms, heavy rains, impacts from gulf hurricanes, tornadoes, and more could happen at any time. Creating a safety plan to ride out the event and manage short-term safe survival on the road or in your home is key for anyone in rural areas. Get ready by visiting¬†¬†to learn more. Resolve To Be Ready In 2013.