SMART911 is a free enhanced 911 emergency calling program brought to you from the State of Arkansas that is being launched incrementally over the next few months. If you have an emergency, ampoule you will still need to dial 911 to reach an emergency operator; howev-er, advice you now have the opportunity safely store helpful information like driving directions to your home, description of your house, medical conditions, and other special circumstances that can be delivered automatically to responders if you need to call for help. So don’t de-lay in learning about how this new program will work to protect you and your family. Build-ing your enhanced 911 profile will help emergency responders, like West Pulaski Fire De-partment, ambulance services and sheriff deputies find you quicker in an emergency and serve you better. Begin creating your free user profile at so your crit-ical information can be associated with the home and wireless phone numbers your family uses. WPFD will update you on our website at and our facebook page as the services are rolled out to our fire district areas in the coming months. You can begin to benefit right now with a Smart911 profile should you have to dial 911 while in an area that has already launched their SMART911 Systems, like Searcy, Benton, North Little Rock. All of the information used for this program is stored in a safe and secure manner where it is only visible to emergency personnel for a very short time when you make an 911 call. Please do not wait to create your safety profile. Help first responders help you faster in an emergency situation. Visit now to learn more. It might safe your life or the life of a love one. Please don’t delay. Learn more today at Check out these links below:

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