WPFD Engine – 1 Now in Service

We have teased a little about this for a while but the time is here to make a grand announcement. Our new Engine 1 is now in service at Station #1 and we could not be more proud of this fine fire fighting machine!

This pumper truck is made custom built by Toyne Fire Apparatus is constructed on a 2022 Kentworth Chassis. It carries 1,000 gallons of water and contains a Hale pump that can produce 1,250 gallons per minute. It carries 1,500 feet of 4-inch (LDH) supply hose and 500 feet of 3-inch supply hose on the hose bed. It also has cross-lay storage behind the cab of the truck that has two sections of 1 3/4 inches attack hose, each with 200 feet preconnected for a fast deployment.

We are quite proud of this truck that has been planned for years and took 13 months to build after a detailed design and ordering process. We are thrilled to have this new truck online and are quite confident this truck will serve our communities well over the next many years!