Summer Time Blues – Sorry, We Cannot Fill Your Pool :(

Summertime is near and we know folks want to get their pool open soon! We do not want to be a negative nelly but we see lots of posts and get lots of calls about pool filling this time of year.

Unfortunately, most fire departments DO NOT fill swimming pools, us included. We have limits to what we can do and our liability insurance is not intended to cover possible damage to your property, pool deck, pool liner, equipment, or injuries that might occur on this type of request. We love ya, we really do, but unless your pool is on fire we can’t really bring water to it. (disclaimer, please don’t set your pool on fire, that just doesn’t make sense). Besides, the water we use for fires and training is not intended for us to distribute for such an activity and the water that flows through our trucks gets dirty sometimes. You really do not want a pool full of something that looks like it was poured from a coffee cup at Starbucks.

We hope you have a fantastic summer and enjoy your pool with friends and family. Have a Safe Summer!